REVIEW: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Okay, you guys. I know I’m late on this – I know. And here’s the thing: I read this book as soon as it came out. But I was SCREAMING in excitement for too many months to write a review!

Everything about this book was incredible, from how nerdy and brilliant Olive is (science girls for the win!) to the steamy scenes. Even the miscommunication between the characters felt real based on their backstories, and I ended the book loving both of them. It was realistic yet decadent!

The Plot:

Olive is a Ph.D. candidate in the third year of her program when she finds herself in a fake relationship with the ever glowering Dr. Adam Carlsen. The Prof all her friends hate.

Her bad luck is beyond belief, even though she kind of does it to herself. Having spun her lies, she has no choice but to see them through. However, the more time Olive spends with him, the more she begins to suspect he might just be the one who can actually understand and appreciate her.

The Good Stuff:

This story emphasized the difficulties women in STEM face, and I really loved that Ali Hazelwood chose to write about a woman in STEM as the main character. A romance starring a woman in the STEM field warms my heart. I can relate to a lot of what Olive went through, including how intimidating it is to be surrounded by men and how uncertain she is about her worth and ability.

As Olive and Adam’s romance progressed, there was plenty of tension and sizzle. The premise to set up the trope of fake dating might be a little silly but I’m a sucker for a fake relationship, and it definitely doesn’t dominate this novel (it’s just the right amount).

The initial reluctance in Adam soon melts away as he gets used to Olive’s persistent cheer and good-natured teasing. He ends up loving how happy she is, even down to her brightly colored socks (they actually turn him on). His support for her in the field they share is particularly touching, and it made me root for them even more.

This book has it all. The banter. The spice. The University vibes. Mature characters. Demisexuality. A fake relationship. Awkward/forced PDA due to said fake relationship. Trust issues. No NEED for the trust issues because they’re both amazing. Need I say more?

P.S. Sign up for Ali Hazelwood’s reading list to get Adam’s POV for chapter 16 (the sexy times chapter). It’s written in present tense and GOD I could not love this man more. Not only is he totally obsessed with Olive because he sees himself as not-worthy (one of my favorite man-tropes ever) but he is DYING to be with her physically and tries to hold himself back.

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