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The Best Lisa Kleypas Books Ranked From A-Z

I’ve been a romance novel addict for as long as I can remember. It all started with a Lisa Klepyas book and that was it – I was hooked.

The books were always the same: a virginal heroine, a dark and brooding hero, and an ending where they live happily ever after. But it didn’t matter to me because I loved them all! There was something about reading these predictable stories that made me feel good inside – like everything in the world was going to be alright no matter what happened outside of those pages.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of romances available that it can be hard to pick out which one you want to read next. However, most romance fans know that Lisa Kleypas is the OG historical romance writer of our time for a reason.

When I first began reading historical romance, I quickly devoured everything by Lisa Kleypas, from her oldest books to her newest series. In fact, I’ve read most of her books at least twice.

I often get asked what my favorite Kleypas books are so I’m putting together this post as a personal reference guide! If you have similar taste as me in the romance department, then you’ll probably love some of the books that rank highly on this list.

Here is a list of Lisa Kleypas books ranked from A-Z! These are my personal favorites that I think you will love as much as I did.

However, keep in mind that every review here is a matter of preference. These are only my opinions. You might love the books I didn’t care for and vice versa!

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Will This Post Include Lisa Kleypas Book Spoilers?

I try my hardest not to outright spoil any of these Lisa Kleypas books here. I do give some info that can generally be found on the back cover/online blurb, but I won’t say anything that will outright ruin the read for you.

However, if you prefer to go in totally blind without a clue pertaining to the characters or plot, then you may want to skip the Lisa Kleypas books you haven’t read yet in this post.

Lisa Kleypas Books:

Here are my favorite Lisa Kleypas books.

25. Cold Hearted Rake (The Ravenels)

I have to be honest here: I didn’t love most of the books in the Ravenels series. There are a few exceptions but Cold Hearted Rake isn’t one of them.

This book is about a rake (Devon) who inherits an earldom and has to take on a lot of responsibility as well as a huge amount of debt. However, he also inherits the three sisters of the previous Earl as well as Kathleen, the former Earl’s wife.

It falls flat for me because the hero, Devon, is just kind of terrible. I love a hero who has serious issues and needs to change because of love, but Devon isn’t it. In fact, I didn’t feel like he changed all that much from beginning to end.

However, I’d still recommend that you read Cold Hearted Rake if you’re interested in the Ravenels series because it does a great job introducing the family, especially Helen (the heroine of the next book which is much better).

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24. Brown-Eyed Girl

In Brown-Eyed Girl, Avery (the main female character) meets Joe (the male lead) at a wedding, since she is a career wedding planner, and mistakes him for the wedding photographer. In actuality, Joe is a wealthy bachelor who Avery wants nothing to do with once she learns the truth.

This is a pretty classic setup. The guy wants to learn more about the girl but the girl wants nothing to do with him.

While I think this book was cute, I don’t feel like the characters went all that deep, especially compared to some of the other Lisa Kleypas books on this list. However, I don’t have anything against it so you could definitely give it a try!

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23. Devil In Spring

This is the third installment in the Ravenels series and features Pandora (from the Ravenels family) as well as Gabriel St. Vincent, Sebastian’s son (from Devil in Winter).

Pandora doesn’t want to marry because she is invested in her board game business. Gabriel doesn’t necessarily want to marry either, but he does want to marry Pandora after meeting her. The two are compromised and fall into a marriage of convenience.

While there was a lot of potential with this plot for me, the characterization wasn’t consistent. Gabriel was supposedly a rake yet fell in love with Pandora immediately. Meanwhile, Pandora quickly files into the life of a regency wife and little of the book compromises anything about her business (which we have been lead to believe will be important throughout the series).

This book wasn’t bad, but it really did nothing for me. The plot was scant and the characterization felt all wrong based on previous installments in the Ravenels series.

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22. Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy is the first installment in Lisa Kleypas’ contemporary series. It follows Liberty, a young woman who was left to raise her younger sister in poverty.

She meets Gage, a billionaire tycoon, and tries to resist falling in love. Obviously, that doesn’t go well.

I really loved Liberty and her backstory! As far as contemporaries go, Sugar Daddy falls into a really specific niche that is Texas mixed with a lot of childhood pain.

However, I wished that Liberty and Gage had more time to interact before the first half of the book.

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21. Someone To Watch Over Me

Someone To Watch Over Me is the first installment in the Bow Street Runner series. These were older Lisa Kleypas books but they’re still pretty good, at least in my opinion.

This story follows Grant Morgan (a high-up member of the Bow Street Runners) and Vivien Rose Duvall, a famous London cortesan.

The heroine falls and hits her head when she is attacked, and though Grant saves her, she has lost her memory. She ends up staying with him in order to recover her memory and things change between the couple.

There were definitely a few problematic elements in this Lisa Kleypas novel (such as when the hero is far too forceful for my taste) but it will definitely be a favorite of yours if you like a romance novel with a good deal of plot and mystery.

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20. Devil In Disguise

The widowed Lady Merritt Sterling is running her late husband’s shipping company, and she knows London society is eager to catch a scandal. So far, she has managed to avoid the gossip sheets, but then Scottish whisky distiller Keir MacRae comes into town.

This is definitely a grumpy hero/sunshine heroine romance and Lisa Kleypas does a great job showing the progression of the characters as they meet in the middle.

The romance itself is very realistic! I loved how they came to fall in love and felt that the pacing was great.

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19. Blue Eyed Devil

This book is about Haven Travis, the daughter of the Travis family, and is the second book in the series. Haven marries someone her family doesn’t approve of and has to come home, ashamed and in the process of a divorce, a few years later.

She meets Harvey Cates (one of the leads in the first book) and basically works through a lot of her issues from her divorce with his help.

This is a really great book but it is very heavy on violence and other PTSD-related issues. I would definitely be in a good head space before reading it. At the same time, Kleypas really does a great job with the portrayal of these issues.

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18. Scandal In Spring

I love the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. In fact, if you have to start with any series I 100% recommend the Wallflowers.

Scandal In Spring is the 4th and last book in the series and is centered around Daisy Bowman, the American younger sister living in England, and Matthew, her father’s employee.

Daisy’s father wants her to marry Matthew and she’s totally against the idea until they get to know each other.

There’s definitely less tension in this book compared to the other three making it a super sweet read!

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17. Hello Stranger

Dr. Garrett Gibson is a London physician and is the female lead of Hello Stranger. She is paired with Ethan Ransom, a former detective who is extremely closed and secretive.

This book isn’t bad but it’s definitely not my favorite. The plot and romance both feel a bit disjointed, and while I loved the characters, something about the choppiness made me fail to believe in their love story.

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16. Smooth Talking Stranger

Jack Travis is a Texas millionaire living the playboy life while Ella is the aunt of a young baby who turns out to be Jack’s son. Ella shows up on Jack’s doorstep with the baby and all sorts of madness, with a good dash of growing up, ensues.

I actually liked this contemporary novel by Lisa Kleypas, even though I’m usually not a fan. It’s a lot more fun than her other contemporaries but also has a solid storyline. Plus, there’s an actual reason that the characters have to be around each other, which makes for a ton of sexual tension.

Jack turns into a really respectable person but doesn’t lose that sexy edgy that makes the romance scenes sizzle. Meanwhile, Ella is relatable and down to earth (no victim complex here but she’s not a pushover either!), so she makes a lovely heroine.

I’ve definitely read some better contemporaries, but this is a fun read that will certainly get you involved and rooting for the characters.

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15. Worth Any Price

Worth Any Price is a Bow Street Runner novel, a type of historical romance that Lisa Kleypas specialized in for a time.

The novel follows Nick, the younger brother of Sophia (in the previous book), and Lottie, a young girl who was sold by her parents to a lord but narrowly escaped. Nick is tasked to bring her back but quickly becomes charmed by Lottie and marries her instead.

There’s definitely a darker element to this book. Lottie’s whole life has been overshadowed by the threat of her future husband, but Nick’s past is dark, too.

If you like an angsty novel with a good deal of trauma in the past of the heroes then you’ll love Worth Any Price. The steam is great, too!

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14. Lady Sophia’s Lover

This Lisa Kleypas novel follows Sophia, a lost young woman who is trying to avenge her young brother’s wrongful death on a prison ship, and Sir Ross, an upper member of the Bow Street police force.

Sophia worms her way into Ross’s house in order to get revenge, but she ends up falling in love with him. Of course, he returns her feelings, only there’s a twist when it comes to her dead brother.

I definitely think some of the elements in this book skirt the lines of consent because Ross didn’t always know that Sophia wanted him (she did but felt guilty because of her brother), but otherwise it’s a solid read from the older romance section and was originally one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books.

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13. Chasing Cassandra

Cassandra Ravenel is paired with Tom Severin (a wealthy railway investor) in Chasing Cassandra. Cassandra wants to marry for love, which Tom believes he is incapable of, yet Tom wants only her.

This is a sweet book about two characters who always feel like they don’t quite fit in. I especially loved the scene where they negotiate terms.

It definitely wasn’t the best Lisa Kleypas book ever for me but it was very cute and would be worth a second read.

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12. Then Came You

Then Came You was one of Lisa Kleypas’ novels that first made it big. It has a really touching storyline and great leads!

Lily Lawson is the main female character, and she is reckless, provocative, and best friends with Derek Craven (the owner of a gambling club).

Alex, Lord Wolverton, is an Earl who has sworn that he’ll never fall in love, but he can’t help getting caught up in Lily’s social scene.

There’s definitely a lot of back and forth with a good deal of angst in this novel. The hero can be a bit pushy in certain parts, but he’s also so caring towards Lily once he finds out why she has been acting a certain way.

Then Came You also has a good bit of action (without sacrificing the characterization or the romance) making it a great read. If you want two characters who are willing to give up just about everything for each other then you’ll love this Lisa Kleypas book.

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11. Devil’s Daughter

Phoebe is Sebastian and Evie’s daughter (from the Wallflower series) who is also a young widow. She is attracted to West, a big and loud rascal, yet she struggles with her attraction to him because he made her late husband’s life miserable during school and was actually a bit of a bully.

This novel is certainly more poignant than some of Kleypas’ other fun loving pieces, but I really loved it. Both characters showed a willingness to change yet they also struggled with the demons from their past.

If you’re looking for a deeper read then you’ll love Devil’s Daughter.

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10. Dreaming Of You

Dreaming of You is a historical romance that’s often considered the first to feature working-class heroes.

The book follows Derek Craven, who grew up in London’s slums and became rich due his work at one of society’s most fashionable gambling houses. Sara is a prim old maid who secretly writes scandalous books and had made quite a large (fake) name for herself.

The two meet when Sara visits Derek’s gambling hell in order to research for her upcoming book and sparks definitely fly.

This is one of the older Lisa Kleypas books but is a fan favorite for a reason. However, you’ll definitely recognize that some of the pieces considered normal back in the day wouldn’t fly in a romance novel now. Regardless, Derek Craven is one of my all-time favorite heroes and I love the addition of working class characters!

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9. Mine Till Midnight

In Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas, the Hathaway family is moving to the country since their oldest brother, Leo, has just come into the title. Unfortunately, the family is totally broke and completely eccentric, so they know they’ll never fit into society.

Amelia is the heroine of Mine Till Midnight and quickly meets Cam Rohan, a wealthy gypsy who is actually a friend of Lord St. Vincent and Lord Westcliff, two characters from the Wallflower series who make reappearances here.

This is a great introduction to the Hathaway family! Both Amelia and Cam are lovable and the plot feels so realistic yet also interesting.

While I enjoyed some of the Hathaway books a bit more, I definitely recommend that you start with the first installment if you’re a newbie to Lisa Kleypas novels.

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8. Tempt Me At Twilight

The third installment in the Hathaway series, Tempt Me At Twilight follows Poppy Hathaway, the only member of the Hathaway family who actually wants a normal life. She is quickly married off to Henry Rutledge, the ruthless and cold owner of the famous London hotel.

Henry secretly wants Poppy’s love but has no idea how to get it, while Poppy despises him for coercing her into a marriage.

This is a lovely novel about two people who have to find their way to each other. They simply do not communicate in the same manner at all, but we see the pair learn how to speak in a language that their partner understands.

When they finally do consumate the marriage, I almost cried because the scene between them is just so tender. Kleypas does a great job at going from cold indifference to a new sense of warmth and kinship.

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7. Marrying Winterborne

Out of all the books in the Ravenels series, Marrying Winterborne is by far my favorite.

However, I do recommend that you read the first book because a lot of the introduction for the relationship happens in that novel. In fact, Helen and Rhys are already engaged and the engagement has been broken by the time this book begins.

Both Helen and Rhys Winterborne are really just amazing. They’re very different (he comes from a rough upbringing and owns a department store but struggles to be gentle while Helen is a sheltered, delicate girl who quite literally has never left her home) but they truly try to understand each other and come to love each other in spite of their differences.

The steam is also great in this book! However, the plot continues on and becomes quite elaborate so you don’t feel like you’re just reading smut.

Keep in mind that the vibe is less regency and more Victorian. Production is booming in London and it’s clear that the world is changing, but I loved the contrasts between new money (Winterborne) and the sheltered upbringing that Helen had.

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6. Secrets Of A Summer Night

The first in a popular series, Secrets of a Summer Night follows four friends who are navigating the London ton. They all agree to work together and find each other husbands because they’re “wallflowers,” leading to some great adventures.

This book is about Annabelle, a poverty-stricken upper class girl who is looking to marry a Lord, and Simon Hunt, a self-made ultra-wealthy man who comes from the working class and is often snubbed by the ton.

Secrets of a Summer Night was one of the first romance novels I ever read so it’s one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books of all time! There’s something so incredible about the summer house party that she depicts, from the clothing to the food to the flirting.

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5. Married By Morning

There’s almost no hero I love more than Leo Hathaway. Throughout the series, we see him go from a debauched opium addict to someone with a deep sense of grief and a quiet self-loathing that he works through in this installment.

Meanwhile, Catherine Marks is the Hathaway family’s governess, and she is cold and closed-up by necessity because she is hiding a secret.

There is so much angst in this book that I literally can’t stand it. Not only are the characters perfect for each other, but after watching them flirt over the last few installments, I simply had to see them together! Lisa Kleypas didn’t disappoint.

I highly recommend Married By Morning, though it’s much better if you read it in order.

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4. It Happened One Autumn

This classic Lisa Kleypas novel follows Lilian Bowman, the heiress from America who has come to England in search of a titled husband, and Marcus, Lord Westcliff, the stuffy, titled, and secretly kind Earl who falls in love with her.

This is definitely an angsty read. Lilian doesn’t want to be tied down (and is one of the best spunky heroines ever) and Marcus really believes he needs a suitable wife.

I love how Lisa Kleypas shows their love progress, even though it’s incredibly slow. We saw the sparks kick off during the first Wallflowers book, but it’s during this novel when the burn really begins.

These two can’t keep their hands off each other and secretly admire the qualities they see in each other, but none of it is what they expected. There’s also a grand finale that’s super dramatic and riveting!

This is one of my all-time favorite Lisa Kleypas books for sure. Everything about it is romantic and swoon-worthy yet somehow realistic.

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3. Love In The Afternoon

This book contains the story of Beatrix Hathaway who is definitely one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas heroines. She’s described as “plain” but she has a kind heart and an amazing wit.

Bea loves animals more than people and prefers to spend time outside instead of sitting around doing needlepoint in a stuffy room with other ladies.

Meanwhile, Captain Christopher Phelan returns from war after having been engaged to Pru and believes that Pru, Bea’s friend, wrote him really intense and engaging letters. Plot twist: Bea actually penned those letters.

The story is a bit darker than other Lisa Kleypas novels because it deals with Christopher’s PTSD from the war, but it also touched me in ways that her other books don’t. I really love both of these characters and can’t say enough positive things about this book!

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2. Seduce Me At Sunrise

Kev and Win have got to be two of my favorite leads of all time. Winnifred is one of the Hathaway sisters who had a terrible bout of Scarlet Fever. Though she was mostly bedridden in the first book, she has gone away for years and learned how to exercise, so she comes back much stronger mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, Kev is the gypsy boy who was adopted by the Hathaways as a child, though he has a really dark past and doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love. He has managed to be absolutely besotted with Win (to the point where he planned to kill himself if she succumbed to the fever) yet refuses to be with her because he thinks she deserves better.

Though this book can be read as a standalone, it’s so much better when you read the first book in the series and watch their relationship progress. The tension is there and there’s a lot of angst, but it’s also light enough to be a happy read. Plus, the romance scenes are super hot.

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1. Devil In Winter

Devil in Winter is one of the most famous Lisa Kleypas books of all-time, and I have to agree: the storyline, characters, and romance in the book is just incredible.

Evangeline is the third wallflower to feature in a book and is held hostage by her nasty relatives, even though her father is about to die. In order to see her father, she proposes a marriage of convenience to Sebastian St. Vincent, who is broke and needs Evangeline’s inheritance. However, they agree that they will consumate the marriage only once.

Despite St. Vincent’s portrayal as the villain in the previous Wallflower book, he quickly turns into a hero. I loved his character development (which felt super realistic), but also enjoyed seeing Evie open up and learn how to stick up for herself.

The romance itself is really sweet and sexy, with a fun bet through in halfway through. The main characters truly come to care for each other and this really shows. All-around, this is definitely one of the best Lisa Kleypas books out there!

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Lisa Kleypas Books In Order

If you prefer to read Lisa Kleypas’ novels from beginning to end, I’m listing the order of the series here.

I included her very early books (which aren’t even available on most book sites at this point since they’re a bit problematic) but would probably recommend starting with the Gamblers of Craven’s series.

Berkley-Faulkner Books

  1. Where Passion Leads (1987)
  2. Forever My Love (1988)

Vallerands Books

  1. Only in Your Arms (1992)
  2. Only with Your Love (1992)

Gamblers Books

  1. Then Came You (1993)
  2. Dreaming of You (1994)
  3. Against the Odds (2003)

Stokehursts Books

  1. Midnight Angel (1995)
  2. Prince of Dreams (1995)

Capitol Theatre Books

  1. Somewhere I’ll Find You (1996)
  2. Because You’re Mine (1997)

Bow Street Runners Books

  1. Someone to Watch Over Me (1999)
  2. Lady Sophia’s Lover (2002)
  3. Worth Any Price (2003)

Wallflowers Books

  1. Again the Magic (2004)
  2. Secrets of a Summer Night (2004)
  3. It Happened One Autumn (2005)
  4. The Devil in Winter (2006)
  5. Scandal in Spring (2006)
  6. A Wallflower Christmas (2008)

Hathaways Books

  1. Mine Till Midnight (2007)
  2. Seduce Me at Sunrise (2008)
  3. Tempt Me at Twilight (2009)
  4. Married by Morning (2010)
  5. Love in the Afternoon (2010)

Travis Books

  1. Sugar Daddy (2007)
  2. Blue-Eyed Devil (2008)
  3. Smooth Talking Stranger (2009)
  4. Brown-Eyed Girl (2015)

Friday Harbor Books

  1. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (2010)
  2. Rainshadow Road (2012)
  3. Dream Lake (2012)
  4. Crystal Cove (2013)
  5. Lightning Bay (2014)

Ravenels Books

  1. Cold-Hearted Rake (2015)
  2. Marrying Winterborne (2016)
  3. Devil in Spring (2017)
  4. Hello Stranger (2018)
  5. Devil’s Daughter (2019)
  6. Chasing Cassandra (2020)

Standalone Novels

  1. Love Come to Me (1988)
  2. Give Me Tonight (1989)
  3. Stranger in My Arms (1998)
  4. Where Dreams Begin (2000)
  5. Suddenly You (2001)

Lisa Kleypas Series

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to read a whole series at a time, then hopefully this list will help you. I’m ranking my favorite Lisa Kleypas series here from worst to best!

The last few Lisa Kleypas series are honestly amazing. I love every single book in them.

With the Wallflower and the Hathaway Lisa Kleypas series, I definitely recommend reading in order if possible.

Lisa Kleypas Series Ranked:

7. Friday Harbor

6. The Travis Family

5. The Ravenels

4. Bow Street Runners

3. The Gamblers Of Craven’s

2. The Hathaways

1. The Wallflowers

Lisa Kleypas New Book 2021:

In 2021, Lisa Kleypas new book called Devil In Disguise was released. Because this was pretty recently, I think it may be a bit before we get another new book from Kleypas.

Luckily, this author is pretty good at pumping out content quickly. If I had to guess, I’d say that we will see another Lisa Kleypas new book by 2022, but I recommend keeping up with her website (or this post, which I’ll update frequently!) in order to find the most up-to-date information about Lisa Kleypas new book drops.

Authors Like Lisa Kleypas:

When you really love a certain author, you want to find other similar authors. Kleypas was my first foray into romance and I immediately began looking for other authors like Lisa Kleypas to enjoy.

Luckily, there are lots of authors like Lisa Kleypas! While their style might be a tiny bit different, they definitely have the regency romance down pat.

Here are my favorite authors like Lisa Kleypas:

Lisa Kleypas TV Series

There are talks of a Lisa Kleypas TV series but nothing is in circulation yet. Apparently, this TV series would center around the Wallflowers. Stay tuned!

Lisa Kleypas Movies

Again, there have been talks of a Lisa Kleypas movie, but no specifics as to what book would be portrayed. I’ll update this post if word comes out.

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