Review: The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

I’m someone who doesn’t often indulge in mafia romance novels. I find that the mafia genre either a) features a WILDLY aggressive man who isn’t grey but is straight-up abusive or b) features characters that are only two-dimensional, who fall flat in the face of their “mafia” personas. But someone, Danielle Lori has managed to create a truly grey, three-dimensional MMC who just jumps off the page. And even better, he’s coupled with a FMC who has a real, tangible personality – someone I’d want to be friends with.

I’ll go ahead and say it: The Sweetest Oblivion isn’t just my favorite mafia book right now but my favorite romance book of the year in general.

Everything I liked about The Sweetest Oblivion:

  • The characters are physically attractive but also realistic in every single way
  • There’s a LOT of pining and legitimate reasons why they can’t be together (but want to)
  • Tons of emotional push-pull because they’re afraid to be vulnerable
  • The hero is protective in classic mafia-style BUT is SO SWEET and actually gives her way more “leash” than she’s used to
  • The SMUT is out of this world
  • Not only that, but the build-up to the smut…WOW. The entire book is just dripping in sex yet SOMEHOW Danielle Lori manages to weave a complex plot and builds layered characters throughout

And there’s literally nothing I disliked about this book. I’m a pretty picky reader and I usually have a few cons with even my favorite authors. But since I can’t think of a single one, if you’re at ALL interested in the mafia genre then I highly recommend The Sweetest Oblivion. Plus, it’s on Kindle Unlimited!

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