REVIEW: Partner Track by Cat Wynn

This book is a must-read! Right off the bat you are thrust into the story and it doesn’t slow down or stop. There was no waiting here and the plot goes really well with the changing characters. I was hooked from the start!

Perdie is a lawyer who meets and hooks up with Carter randomly, only to find out that he’s the newest partner at her firm, stepping into the role she’s been waiting for over the last few years. She is almost always undervalued, and I really felt her pain: this girl is smart and works way to hard to be treated like this.

And Carter…don’t even get me started on our hero. He’s smart, funny, and wants to be with Perdie well before¬†she knows what she wants. But he’s definitely not submissive either – his dirty talk is hot AF. The sex – AMAZING. This is definitely a super-steamy read, complete with masturbation scenes and hidden hookups at work. But what really made this work for me is that Carter is a well-rounded character. He doesn’t just randomly whip out dirty talk. Instead, Wynn makes this a believable part of his personality. All of this put together makes for some insane chemistry!

Perdie’s platonic relationship with her BFF Lucille was one of my favorites. The banter between them was so realistic that I loved reading just about them, even when Carter wasn’t on the page. Seeing such a real female friendship on the pages of a romance novel was incredibly refreshing. Lucille was definitely a real character and contributed so much to the emotional landscape of the story!

Some of the best parts of this read:

  • “Only one bed” trope
  • Enemies to lovers but neither person is truly hateful
  • FUNNY dialogue and thoughts from Perdie’s side
  • Super-steamy
  • Tons of dirty talk from the MMC that is dominant but never crosses the line
  • Older heroine
  • Lots of workplace hookups
  • A good amount of believable (and hot) jealousy

Overall, it was a fantastic read, especially for anyone who loves a lot of sexy times in the workplace. I would liken it to The Hating Game. I’ll definitely be reading more of Cat Wynn in the future!

This book will be available for purchase on April 26th, 2022.

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, but these opinions are all my own.

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